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Who we are

Health and time

SHEis BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL SRL is an Italian company founded by professionals with a long experience in the sector of hair care and beauty and the objective of improving the “quality of life” of customers.


By strongly believing that even a hair product can help improve our quality of life. An innovative and revolutionary system based on two key values: Health and Time.

This is the philosophy we use to formulate excellent products.

We are always looking for the best solutions for our customers and are never satisfied. We want to reach high levels of quality that exceed all expectations.

Based on this vision, we created two lines of products expressing the perfect combination of quality, technology, health and well-being:



for hair colouring, and


for hair care and treatment of specific conditions


Improve the quality of life

For over 100 years, women have been colouring their hair in the same way. Technology continues to be the same. Application time continues to be the same

SHEis revolutionized hair colouring thanks to a solution that reduces application time and respects the skin: 15 minutes application time thanks to a delicate formulation and its dermatologically tested ingredients.

Hair colouring turns into a moment of relax and self-care, without stress and improving the “quality of life” of our customers.

 “less time , + + healthy hair
quality of life improvement”

When we talk about healthy hair, we do not only talk about dyeing, but also about hair care and treatment for conditions such as hair fall, dermatitis, excessive sebum production, etc.

To meet these specific needs we have created the product line:


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