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The Code of Ethics adopted by Sheis International Beauty S.r.l. is a set of principles and rules whose observance is of fundamental importance for the proper functioning and improvement of the Company. It represents the “Charter of fundamental rights and duties” through which the Company:

  • clarifies its ethical and social responsibilities towards the different internal and external stakeholders, such as: shareholders, employees, collaborators, suppliers, Clients, etc.;
  • looks for an equilibrium and/or points of balance between the multiple interests and the legitimate expectations of stakeholders.

The adoption of this Code has the primary objective of satisfying the needs and expectations of the Company’s interlocutors in the best way, aiming to recommend and promote a high level of professionalism and prohibit behaviours in contrast not only with the relevant regulations, but also with the values the Company wants to promote.

The individual and collective behaviour of employees and collaborators, even if they are external to the Company, must therefore be in line with company policies and should translate into collaboration, social responsibility and compliance with current legislation, following the standards of behaviour identified by the Code of Ethics.




The Code of Ethics addresses all employees or collaborators (even external) who establish any form of relationship with the Company (directly or indirectly, on a permanent or temporary basis) or operate to pursue the objectives of the Company.

These will be referred to below as “recipients”.

Recipients who violate the principles and rules contained in this Code, harm the relationship of trust established with the Company.

All recipients are required to know the Code of Ethics and contribute to its implementation, improvement and diffusion.

The Company undertakes to distribute a copy of this Code to all employees and collaborators and share its contents and objectives.




The principles on which the Company’s Code of Ethics is based are as follows:

  • an ethically correct and law-compliant behaviour of the Company and its different interlocutors;
  • loyalty of employees and collaborators towards the Company;
  • fairness, courtesy and respect in relationships among colleagues;
  • professionalism and diligence;
  • respect for the environment and the health and safety of employees and collaborators.

The Company works to ensure the values ​​and principles contained in the Code are translated into concrete actions, taking responsibility for the internal and external responsibilities and strengthening trust, cohesion and company spirit.

It therefore commits itself to carry out training / informative activities on the contents of the Code with the objective of:

  • promoting and strengthening the business culture about recognized values;
  • disclosing the rules, procedures and practices to be followed;
  • extending the compliance to the basic principles of this Code.


The ethical standards of conduct that the Company intends to pursue for its business activities are based on diligence, transparency, honesty, confidentiality and impartiality.





The Company undertakes to ensure:

IMPARTIALITY, that is to offer equal opportunities to all employees and collaborators on the basis of professional qualifications and performance, without discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, opinions, nationality, gender, age, physical and social conditions;

WORK ENVIRONMENT, that is to ensure in internal and external work relationships the avoidance of behaviours or initiatives that create an intimidating, hostile or isolating work environment against individuals or groups, that interfere negatively with the work of others or that hinder others’ job and / or career prospects for mere reasons of personal competitiveness;

DEVELOPMENT, that is to develop skills and competences of each employee and / or collaborator, even if external, with training and updating activities;

VALUE OF RESOURCES, that is to guarantee fair treatment based on merit and expertise;

PRIVACY, that is to protect personal information of employees and / or collaborators generated or acquired inside and outside the Company and to implement measures to avoid the misuse of such information;

HEALTH & SAFETY, that is to promote and protect the health and safety of its products. It also undertakes to consider with particular attention the condition of use and the formulas adopted.

The Recipients undertake to comply to the following:

RESPONSIBILITY, that is to provide the contracted service consistently with tasks, objectives and responsibilities assigned, without delegating the execution of activities or decisions under their responsibility to other employees or collaborators;

DILIGENCE, in case of employees, to respect working hours, except for justified reasons, and limit absences from workplace to those strictly necessary. In case of collaborators, to dedicate adequate resources in terms of time and commitment to the assigned tasks and finalize the respective objectives;

RESPECT, that is to adopt a respectful and sensitive behaviour towards others, avoiding working under the effect of alcohol, drugs or substances of similar effects, as well as consuming or distributing such substances in any way at work;

BUSINESS CLIMATE, that is to contribute to the creation of a professional environment where all colleagues are positively involved in achieving the company’s objectives;

HONESTY, that is to use the goods and resources available in compliance with their intended use and to protect their conservation and performance, as each recipient is directly and personally responsible for the protection and conservation of assets and resources he/she is entrusted with for the execution of his/her duties;

CONFIDENTIALITY, that is to use the utmost caution and care in the use of information not in the public domain resulting from the execution of their duties. The information and any other material obtained from executing work tasks are property of the Company. The recipients undertake not to disclose, use or communicate information and / or any other kind of news, documents, data, etc;

CONFLICT OF INTERESTS, that is to avoid all situations and activities in which a conflict of interests may arise between personal business activities and contractual tasks or collaborations with the Company or the Company’s interests.

In case of occasional situations of conflict or situations of potential conflict, maximum communication and transparency are required towards the manager or the responsible area to allow them to implement the necessary measures;

GIFTS, that is to accept or offer directly or indirectly business gratuities, such as gifts, payments and benefits, only when they cannot be interpreted as aimed at gaining advantages for themselves or for the Company in an improper manner. The employee or collaborator who receives / offers gifts that cannot be ascribed to normal courtesy relationships must directly inform his/her manager or the responsible area and refuse;

HEALTH & SAFETY, that is to participate in the process of risk prevention, environmental protection and protection of health and safety towards themselves, colleagues and third partie.

ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITY, particular relevance assumes the transparency, accuracy and completeness of the information of financial statements. Each employee is required to collaborate to ensure management facts are correctly represented. General and analytical information that flows into periodical “reports” or accounting must comply with the principles of transparency, correctness, completeness and accuracy. Accounting records must be based on accurate, comprehensive and verifiable information. Each record in the accounting books must reflect the nature of the transaction, represent its object and must be based on adequate supporting documentation in order to allow:

  • easy accounting registration;
  • identification of the different levels of responsibility;
  • the accurate reconstruction of the operation.

Employees and collaborators who discover falsifications in the accounts or in the documentation on which the accounting records are based must report the information to the manager or the responsible area.




Employees and collaborators must adequately inform third parties of the regulations included in the Code of Ethics, in order to adjust their behaviour accordingly.



Each recipient is required to perform his/her duties with the aim of obtaining maximum customer satisfaction. When requested, each recipient is required to provide assistance and information in a kind, polite, correct and exhaustive manner. The selection of suppliers and the definition of purchasing conditions must be based on an objective assessment of:

  • quality of goods and services requested;
  • price of goods and services requested;
  • ability of the counterparty to provide and guarantee goods and services in a timely manner of a level appropriate to the needs of the Company.




The Company does not make direct or indirect contributions in any form to parties, movements, committees, trade unions and political organizations, or to their representatives and candidates. Relations with press are managed by authorized functions and are carried out consistently with the communication policy defined by the Company. The information provided must be truthful, complete, accurate, transparent and homogeneous. Employees and collaborators must refrain from releasing statements or interviews regarding the Company to press, media representatives and any third party without the authorization of the managers in charge.




The internal and external control system consists of the set of tools necessary or useful for guiding, managing and verifying business activities, orienting them towards the achievement of their objectives and adequately contrasting risks. The control system as a whole must provide reasonable guarantee regarding the compliance with the laws of the State, internal procedures, achievement of pre-established objectives, protection of Company’s assets and resources, company management according to criteria of effectiveness and efficiency, as well as the reliability of accounting and management information inside and outside of the Company. The Company undertakes to define a procedure to reduce the risk of violating the Code, assigning adequate responsibilities and resources to an internal supervisory and control body to be able to develop the appropriate guidelines to support the different company functions.




The rules contained in the Code of Ethics integrate the behaviour the employee and / or external collaborator is required to observe in accordance with civil and penal laws in force and the obligations of the collective contract. The violation of the rules of the Code damages the relationship of trust established with the Company and can lead to disciplinary, legal or criminal actions; in the most serious cases the violation can lead to the termination of the employment relationship, if carried out by the employee, and the interruption of the relationship, if carried out by a collaborator or third party (supplier, etc.).




The code of ethics will be implemented according to the Company’s guidelines and will apply to all those who establish relationships with it. The update will take place through the corporate body responsible for improving the service.

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